I was in the Hospital again…

So, after two days of leaking out watery blood that was smelling horrible I called the office again, this time they told me to go to the ER. This was on Thursday. I went in to the ER and my BP was very low, blood in my urine, hemoglobin very low and high platelets. The called my doctor in and his 2nd came to the ER. I do not like this women! She did a pelvic exam, finally, she pulled out chunks of stuff and cleaned around inside and it HURT! She said there is a hole in my vaginal cuff and proceeded to say I had to of put something in there, when I did NOT! The stuff coming out of me is an infection and the hole in the cuff was letting it come out of me, which was good in a way. They made me drink contrast for two hours and then a CT scan. Scan showed also an infection abscess in my lower left abdomen, where it has hurt me since surgery. I was admitted to the hospital and started on IV antibiotics plus and oral antibiotic. My left urethra line goes right through this abscess too.

The hospital here sucks! I swear they try to kill you. They wouldn’t give me my regular pain meds so I had to have someone bring them to me. I was sick as hell and couldn’t sleep. They said they couldn’t understand how I could be walking and talking and not have a high fever. My BP remained very low the entire time in the hospital and they were giving me my blood pressure meds! Idiots! They made me sicker!

They wanted to put a drain into my abscess but the machine broke down so I had to wait until the next day. Machine was still down so I had to drink contrast for two hours again and get another CT. The abscess was still the same. I waited a couple of hours and they finally got the machine up to do the drain. They inserted a line into the abscess and it felt like they were scraping me inside. They could not get much out of the drain but hooked up the suction bulb and told me to make sure it keeps suction by opening the valve and squeezing then closing the valve. I wanted to go home and they said I could after the drain, but then they were freaking out about my blood levels being so low so I had to wait for more blood work. I would have to get a blood transfusion if it did not improve at all. My hemoglobin was 6.8 and the blood work came back with it up a little to 7.2 so they finally let me go home Saturday. I felt horrible there and I just knew if I stayed any longer they would of killed me.

I am still leaking fluid out of me and they said it would be two weeks. So two weeks of depends! Sucks! I still have blood in my urine. The horrible smell from the stuff coming out of me went away though. I take one antibiotic three times a day and another one once a day. I feel better being home and on all of my medications. I guess the infection is very bad and will take time to get better. They said I could of died easily. Why do I keep having so much crap happen to me?

The drain site is extremely tender and sore. Only about an 1″ of the abscess fluid has Come up in the drain so far since it was put in Saturday. The fluid is very thick like jelly and blood colored. I see the doctor on Wednesday and hopefully the drain will get to come out then. I need this all to heal and get better so I can get better. I can’t wait to be past it all and it will be just a memory!

If I could go back I would never have the surgery. It was supposed to help me with all the pain I am in and all it did was make shit worse and about killed me. I don’t know if the doctor screwed up and caused this or I just get to be the lucky 1% that crap happens too. Please, if you read this, send up some prayers for me to heal and get better………….