Advil Film-Coated Review…

I was given samples of Advil Film-Coated and I have to say, it has helped a great deal with my pain.

1.  No tummy upset

2.  Worked in 15 minutes

3.  Taken with my prescription medication, it greatly increased its effectiveness

This is the first time I have reviewed a product in my blog and I felt I needed too.  

I spend every day of my life dealing with chronic pain.  Often, my prescription medication would not help enough to get me through the day and I would suffer so much.  Finding something that did not upset my stomach, worked fast and helped so much, was a God Send!  I had used Advil Liquid Gels before, but I have found the Film-Coated works better.  I was able to get back to crocheting, which is my passion, and it helps to occupy my mind away from the pain.  Much of my pain is increased due to inflammation, which Advil works on quickly.  My prescription medication does not have acetaminophen or ibuprofen in it, so it is safe to take the Advil Film-Coated Tablets with my prescription medication.  I also only needed to take 2 of the Advil Film-Coated Tablets twice per day.


My Trip to visit Family after 9 Years…

I left my house on May 21st and I do not return home until June 30th.  I have been here for 4 weeks now.  It has been nice seeing my family after so long.  I have seen a few friends from high school as well and I am amazed at how we pick up right where we left off as if it has not been almost 30 years.  

Unfortunately, one of the guys I knew in high school is not currently the man I thought he was.  Live and learn and move on.  I refuse to allow anyone in my life that does not fit well.  No more will I have someone who has to drink in my life or someone who does drugs.  If they can’t make me a priority, then so long.  I really do prefer the life of friends instead of relationships.  Relationships always end up being a disappointment to me, due to expectations.  I like being care free and free for the most part.  Carefree in my relationships.  Unfortunately, I am unable to be carefree when it comes to my family.  That is about to change!

My daughter has repeatedly gone back to drugs and I had to kick her out again.  This was and is the final time she will ever be allowed back.  She constantly chose drugs over her own child and disrespected me in every way, even though she lived in my home.  I now have to struggle to find a way to pay the two bills that were her responsibility instead of paying me rent, but I will figure it out!  I can finally get my house back in order and live a much more peaceful life when I return home.  The daily screaming and cussing that came out of her mouth as soon as she woke will be no more.  

I have 11 more days here.  I have found myself becoming bored and I definitely made this trip way too long, but it also gives me time to think and review where I am now.  I still have times where I get so depressed that suicide crosses my mind.  The absolute peace and no more worry of it all.  But I have the little bit of doubt inside as to what happens to us when we die.  That keeps me here.  I have been rough so much it is a good thing I don’t care for alcohol, because I am sure if I liked it, I would be a drunk by now.  The weather here is so nice.  Today is beautiful, in the 70’s and a gorgeous breeze.  Back home it’s is near 100 and ever so humid!  

No matter what, we must keep that ounce of hope alive within us that things will one day be much better.  Carry ourselves through the rough patches and hard times.  Arrive at a place of beauty and peace.  I often wish I could go back and make different choices so I did not have to endure so much heart ache, but those things did make me who I am today and I am a very good person.  For that, I am proud…………. 


So Far…

I have been tracking my pain levels and my medications. I am prescribed three muscle relaxers and Ativan a day, but normally only take one. With my pain levels being so high I had decided to try to take them three times a day and see if I could obtain more relief.

I took my normal morning medications with my usual first dose of pain medications. My pain level was a 9 and after an hour it was still a 9! So I took one muscle relaxer and an Ativan and waited another hour. My pain level was then an 8! Still too much. I took my 2nd dose of pain medications and waited an hour to see what my pain level was then, I was at a 7! I made it about two hours at a level 7 for pain, which then shot up to a 9 again, so then I took another round of muscle relaxer and Ativan. After an hour my pain level was at a 8. So this time I waited to take my 3rd dose of pain medications with a muscle relaxer and the Ativan, my pain level was back to a full 9 and after taking that and waiting an hour to record my pain level I was able to get it down to a 6/7. I still felt all the pain, but my mind just didn’t care as much. Then I discovered that I was having problems with my vision and unable to really focus of see straight and nausea hit, this lasted for a couple of hours.

In order to obtain any relief from the intense pain I need to take everything together, but then I am left with a loopy feeling, vision issues and nausea. So I either cry in pain in bed or I take the meds I am prescribe and feel loopy and sick. WTF! I really do not know what else to do here!

I have so much stress and anxiety on top of the pain. No support system and being with someone who only cares about himself and his wants without ever considering mine. Married three times and not once could I get it right. How awesome it must be to be with someone that loved and cared for you so much that they were willing to do anything possible to try to help you. Instead of only caring about the toys they want and wasting money on things not even needed while you suffer every minute of every day.

I am going to find a way to make it through this next month. To all my appointments and tests and then to schedule surgery in June, then I will recover and on my birthday in August I will take a look at everything in my life and make the changes I need in order to survive in a happier place. I must put myself first and stop doing for everyone else. What comes around goes around………….

“My smile tries to hide the pain, but you can see it in my eyes and how very exhausted I am!”