Fall approaches yet again…..

I absolutely love Fall. The weather is amazing. The draw back to fall is that is when I tend to either become bed ridden or in a wheel chair. Sure enough, today I am unable to walk or stand without horrible pain. So I am in bed and it is very boring here! No TV!

My cat is pressed against my side. She loves it when I become this way. because she gets tons of loving petting. I think she can sense my pain too. She will settle down and sleep then suddenly look at me and meow until I pet her more. It is soothing to pet her.

I called the doctors office today and left a message. Their recording even says they call you back the same day. They never called me back, so I left another message and now I am sitting here thinking that I am just not worth their time. Do I go to the ER or wait until tomorrow. The ER will most likely only give me a shot so I will still need to talk to my doctor. But I may need that shot in order to sleep. I guess I will wait and see.

I am so hungry. When I do get up to go to the bathroom I have to walk hunched over. I cant make myself something to eat like this and the pain – OMG! Which sends me into the wonderful world of depression. What joy!