Two Week Post-Op Vist…

I saw my doctor yesterday for my two weeks post-op visit. Upon arriving at the place I noticed it felt like I was trickling liquid out of me. I have been bleeding more than anyone else I know of and did not think to much of it. When I was in the room and checked by the nurse I decided to sit on the pad on the bed. That was a good thing. The doctor came in and looked at my stitches and said my pathology was all good. I stood up and I had bled through everything. Except it was more like blood colored water. They gave me a pad and told me that this can be normal, but to keep an eye on it for a while. They ran blood tests and my iron is LOW so I was put on an iron supplement. When I got home I changed my clothes and in 20 minutes I had bled through everything again. Then it was down to 15 minutes. I called the office and they said that they had told me this could be normal and to just keep an eye on it. Yet everywhere I have looked online says this is NOT normal! I had someone go get me a bag of Depends, adult diapers, since I could not contain this mess. It was like a faucet was on non stop! For the rest of the day I went through one Depends every three hours. After three hours it was full and bulky and very wet. I also did this the entire night. Where the hell does that much fluid even come from? I had a hell of a time sleeping.

I got up at 7am and again changed my diaper. I have been trying to rest and not move around to much. After three hours, again I had to put on another Depends. I have been wondering how the hell I am going to buy a bag of Depends every two days at $14 a pop! So far, I have gone four hour and I don’t have to change it yet, my fingers are crossed that it is done or will be very soon. I still feel it trickle out, but it is no longer non-stop.

What frustrates me the most is, I belong to a group online of other women who have hysterectomies and each section has a group for others who had it done around the same time as you so you can share with each other. I posted on everything that is occurring and all of them kept saying go to the ER or that I had a whack job for a doctor. I can’t just go to the ER, it’s the same place that i had my surgery done. I searched online everywhere for anyone else who had this happen to them and I came across one woman. They ran a ton of tests on her and never found anything to be wrong, put her on bed rest and it eventually stopped. So I have been feeling very scared and alone. I am usually the one who gets the one in a million things that happen to them so why should I be surprised. It’s the fact that every where I look says this is not good and to seek medical help, I seek medical help and they keep saying the same thing to me. That I need to just watch it and if it continues for more than two days to call them back. I did make it through two days of heavy bleeding and then it went back to normal for two days and then this happened to me.

I read posts everyday that all the other women in my group post and how most of them aren’t bleeding at all, let alone having to wear a diaper. I had the best in this area surgeon and everyone says how great he is. I also started crying out of the blue for spells yesterday. I was wondering when that would happen. No hormones anymore. I kept crying thinking how I was just like a baby, filling my diaper throughout the day and balling my eyes out! I see the doctor again in a month, which will be 6 weeks post-op for me. That is when he will do a pelvic exam and check on everything. He said nothing goes in there for six weeks or it can cause problems. That is also when I am supposed to be released to drive, swim and have sex again.

This has been a rough road for me. I did not expect all the issues I have had. Every single day I close my eyes and do a healing meditation with GOD. Healing me and my entire being. I can only hope, each day, that it will be a better day. Everyone heals, some just do it at different rates and some have weird things they have to deal with along the way. We all get there eventually! My tummy is still pretty bruised up but it’s faded a lot. It sure did get dark in those first few days. My doctor had told me that nothing he did caused that bruising and while at my appointment yesterday, the PA that was also at the hospital with me said that the instruments can bang around inside and cause that kind of bruising. I have not met anyone who had it happen to them yet though. I know how it happened, I had a full blown panic attack while in recovery because they left me there for too long in too much pain! I have a month of resting ahead of me. Right now I will be happy with not having to wear Depends anymore………….

Surgery Scheduled Finally…

My surgery to remove my uterus, cervix, ovaries and tubes, plus the growths is scheduled for Monday, June 30th. I have a pre-op appointment on the 12th.

I have to do a bowel prep the day before and only drink clear fluids, plus a Fleet Enema that night. They will call me on Friday and tell me what time to be there for my surgery. Which I think is weird and I don’t understand why I cannot be given a time now. It reminds me of the jury duty system. I will be in the hospital for two days. Today they took blood, urine and had me sign papers of consent.

I have the entire month to get things cleaned up around the house so hopefully I will be able to get that done, since I doubt anyone will clean anything while I am recovering from the surgery.

So, I spent three hours today at a last minute appointment. They called me ten minutes before they closed last night to leave me a message saying they wanted me to come into the cancer clinic today. I had to get up before 7:30am so I could call and find out what time they wanted me there. Then my doctor was sent home due to food poisoning so I was there a very long time. At least I finally have my surgery date.

They said I have to stop taking my muscle relaxer for ten days before my surgery and no Aleve or ibuprofen. I also can not start the estrogen until after pathology reports come in and say I do not have cancer. Though the doctor should have a better idea if it is cancer or not when he is inside and can actually see it.

I have been feeling very hungry and very tired all the time lately. I find myself feeling like I will doze off out of no where. That is what I am doing right now. I have no clue why this is happening, but it has been a couple of weeks now. I will try to post my experiences with my surgery and recovery and maybe it will help someone one day. If you ever get a chance go to YouTube and watch the long video that shows you the surgery for a DaVinci Hysterectomy. It is quite interesting. That is what I will be having, except I will also have my tubes and ovaries and growths removed too………….

-This is me today before I went to the doctor-

Test results…

I had a CT scan two weeks ago tomorrow and I was playing tag with the office trying to get the darn results from that scan this last week. They had told me 2-3 days for results, not almost two weeks! I received a message a little bit ago today from my doctor that read…………………………….
Hi, sorry for the delay, it usually takes a few days from the CT done to get the report!
Blood work came out NL except had borderline elevated sugar – I don’t thisnk it was done fasting and is should be ok.
The CT shows having ovarian cysts on oth sides but on the R side is larger. The CT is otherwise pretty NL.
Do you have a GYN physician who manages the cysts or if not I need to set you up to get pelvic u/s to take a better look at the cysts and see what else we may need to do about it.
Please let me know
Rassekh, MD

I had the scan done because I had a lot of blood in my urine and an MRI showed something on my right kidney. So, why is there nothing about the kidney but things about ovarian cysts? I haven’t even been to a GYN doctor since 2006 that was when I had my last PAP smear and I had never had one come back bad anyway, but now I am wondering what roll the cysts are playing in my chronic pain, etc.

I woke today with a crushing headache. I have had this happen before but usually it will go away after an hour or two. Not today, it is still with me and I just can’t seem to get control of it. It feels like my head is splitting open between both of my temples and behind my eyes. This prevented me from getting anything done today and I also took over a two hour nap. Yet, the splitting headache is still here along with the horrible pain I have in my neck and the pain in my low back, hips and feet.

My psychiatrist started me on a medication called Trileptal and he said it was to stabilize my mood. I feel screwed up in my head about an hour after I take it and if I take it near bedtime I cannot sleep. I looked it up and it is yet another anti seizure medication and everyone of them I have been put on either causes my depression to become worse or I get horribly sick from them.

Today started out badly with the splitting headache, then ‘B’ got up and wanted to take a shower and when I told him I had just got up and had a horrible crushing headache he went off on me saying that I wasn’t going to let him take a shower. I never said that and I am super confused over the entire would be so nice to just have one day where someone was supportive of me!

Chalking today up as a bad day and hoping tomorrow is a much better one………….