Post-Op Day 5…

I am having a lot of extreme tenderness in my abdomen. The bruising is as dark as I think it can possibly get so it should start turning green soon.

My mom left this morning to go back home. I did not want her to ever leave! I cried and crying made my tummy hurt more.

Everyday up unto today I have been sleeping a lot. I could stay awake about two hours in the morning and after that I would be sleeping most of the rest of the day, with short awake spells where I would walk out to the living room for a little bit, then go back to bed. I read a lot of people’s recoveries and they all said they felt better after three days. I still do not feel better at all. Each day my tummy has hurt more and more. I keep the binder on all day to support the pain, then I remove it while I sleep at night.n

I wish I could understand why I always get ignored and left to suffer, no matter how much pre planning I do. I did everything I could do I order to make sure I would not be left in pain. I am even seen at the same place for my mental issues and it is all over my charts that I have panic with agoraphobia. I cannot wrap my head around how I was left to spiral so out of control. I had hoped I was was going to be able to post about how great the staff was and how they we’re on top of my pain and my recovery was going so well. I wanted to give others hope that came looking for what to expect after a radical hysterectomy.

I feel more awake today, so I guess I will spend the day in bed watching things on Netflix or Hulu plus. Up until now I was unable to keep my eyes open. I was even slurring my speech with great need to sleep.

I am attaching a photo from last night of my tummy area, so that is four days post-op.


Last photo is three days post-op!

Post Surgery, Radical Hysterectomy with both ovaries and tubes removed…

I had a Radical Hysterectomy on Monday June 30th. I don’t even remember going into the OR, I just remember saying good bye to my mom then waking up in recovery. I was in horrendous pain. They refused to give me the only thing that touched the pain, saying that when they gave it to me my respiration went down to six per minute. Then I was just left there. I was told they were trying to get a room for me, but couldn’t find one. WTH!?! I had this scheduled for a while, how is there no room. I was left for several hours in torturous pain and I was not even given any of my normal medications while I was left there. I made sure everyone was aware of my chronic pain, depression and panic disorder prior to my surgery! Since they did not prevent the pain or my panic, I ended up in a full blown panic attack which wrenched up my abdomen in all kinds of ways. I pulled stitches and still have a set that are bleeding two days later. My stomach swelled up like I am pregnant with the right side much larger than the left.

I was sent home from the hospital the next day even though the said they would not send me home if I was in pain and that I had to pass gas, which I still have not done. To date that was the most torturous thing I have ever went through, just add it to the list.

I am still in way too much pain and I feel very sick. I am sleeping short spells then the pain makes me get up. I came home from the hospital with a prescription for 10 mg more of the medication I am already on. Needless to say, that is not doing much for me. Every time I wake up I pray I will Hurt less. It has been two days now. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I should of made them all write a plan on how they were going to manage my pain before I had the surgery, instead of trusting in them.

I am also having spells of crying. More joy! All of which, cause my belly to hurt even more! I will try to write more tomorrow and I hope this all makes sense, because I feel like I do not make sense.