Another Day…….

Here is another day!  Doing my best to get through like all the other days.  Pain has been intense for 2 weeks now.  MRI tomorrow.  Here is to hoping they find the cause of the intense pain and have a solution.

Tick Tock the clock ticks by.  So many thoughts fill my mind.  From finding ways to cope to dealing with the negative mind.  Like a roller coaster of emotions and a race track of feelings.  We choose who we allow in our life.  Sometimes we have to come to a decision to no longer allow some people in our lives.  It is hard to do and usually has a lot of negativity surrounding it.  After time, it usually dies down.  Unless of course you ended a relationship with a crazy person. 

  Never allow anyone to be in your life that does not bring positive things to your life.  Never allow anyone to walk all over you.  No matter how much pain and suffering you may be in, you are the most important thing in your life.  Everyone has rough times and horrible days.  That’s when you take it one hour at a time or one minute at a time.  Any kind of suffering is not right, but the world is so full of it these days.  Doctors do not seem to really care anymore.  I am sure there are a few good ones out there, but finding them is a chore in its self.  I read posts from many people that spend years and dozens of doctors before they find one that will actually care enough to help.  The key thing is to keep the HOPE alive and keep pushing forward for one day there will be an answer.

So set forth now and clean the negative from your life.  Right down to the things in your home.  If the object is not something you love and does not have a real purpose, toss it out!  Clutter effects us on an emotional level too.  Plus its less things to clean when you dust!  One room at a time, one closet, one space.  Do not over do it!  Slow and steady wins this race…

New Road….

Off to a New Start!  Due to a Stalker I had to create a new Blog.  It amazes me how people can be so rude and immature.  I use a blog to share my life experiences and get feed back from others who have the same life experiences.  Here is to a New Blog and NO Stalkers!!

I suffer from Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia.  My main problem areas that hold the most pain are my hips and lower back, down both legs now, into both feet now, my neck and shoulders.  I have had 4 epidural injections in different places in my spine.  I am still in a great deal of pain.  New MRI is this week and then beginning of July we figure out what to do next.  I am hanging in there, but the pain is pretty bad.  Sometimes I just want to do what ever I have to in order to make the pain stop for good.  The days when no matter what you do you just cant get a break from the pain.  There seems to be only one way out of that!

Then I have days where the MEAN people, like my stalker, do anything they can to negatively effect me.  She had a stroke and it obviously has left her with some long lasting serious brain damage.  I do not want a single thing to do with her, just to Leave me Alone!

So, my question today is – How do you get yourself on a positive thought road.  I say positive things daily and some days are too bad, but to keep the positive and stop the negative in its tracks, that’s what I need to know.