Major Venting….

I must have a sign on me that says… “If your a liar, talk to me”. I didn’t want a relationship or any man.  He came out of no where and wooed me, like no other.  He made promises I never once even asked for.  Then I find out he is a chronic liar and has done this before to another.  I deal with enough crap in my own life, why the heck did he have to pick me…

Of course, I do not want to be with anyone that is a liar, but it still hurts like hell.  I have never met a man that didn’t lie to me or that was even a man of his word.  I told him up front, right from the start, everything I deal with and how I wont be with a liar, cheater , etc.   I thought that would make sure I wasn’t hurt again.  I am so hurt and so angry that he did this to me.  What the hell?  

I am going to get fat so men just stay away from me period.  I am NEVER going to be in another relationship the rest of my suffering life!  It is hard enough to deal with the pain I live in every day, I can’t deal with this emotional hell on top of it.  It has been 5 days now, why can’t I get over it already?  To top it off, he won’t admit to the lies I have proof of.  Typical, if you don’t admit to it, it never happened.  I have been shit on by every single man in my entire life…  I struggle to survive every day.  From the pain, depression, no money, no vehicle and lack of any kind of healthy food available.  

My daughter got out of jail last week.  She is still doing good at staying away from the drugs.  I want to help her succeed, but my son won’t let me.  I am controlled in my own home.  I can’t pay the utilities and he said if I let my daughter stay here even one night they would leave.  Screw it, I am done with everything.  Leave then, I don’t care anymore…

3 thoughts on “Major Venting….

  1. Grainne says:

    Oh crap…wth is with these men!! I’m so sorry things turned out this way. At least he hadn’t already moved in before you found out what he is really like, under that snakeskin. 😦

    I usually disagree with pretty much everything your son says, but I have to admit, letting your daughter back in might not be the best idea. Just thinking of all the other times you tried so hard to help and she completely shit on you. 😦

    • I know, it is the fact he is controlling me that hurts me so much and he isn’t very nice..

      • Grainne says:

        I know honey. :(. I wish you could send them all on their way and then rent a room to someone who could help pay the bills and do the tidying up you can’t do when you’re exhausted. I wish you lived closer to me. Xox

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