Love & Mental Issues…

My man, Frankie, came to see me for a week at the beginning of this month.  It was amazing to have him here.  He is very laid back and calm, which is something I really need in my life.  He brought 2 guitars with him and played them in the evenings.  It was so nice to sit back and listen to him!  He also brought me a Walking Dead T-shirt.  I am Obsessed with The Walking Dead!  We are moving on with our plans for him to move down here. It will take him a couple of months to get his things in order up there, then he will move to be with me!  I can’t wait!  The fact he still wants to take full care of me, even after being with me in person and seeing the pain I deal with, just amazes me!  I have a lot of issues both physical and mental…

What I don’t understand is, why I have been flooded with the emotional crap again, now that I am with someone.  While I was completely alone I never felt any of it.  Now, being in a relationship, it is all flooding me again.  I don’t want the negative thoughts or feelings!  For some reason, they have all hit me like a truck!  The worry and fear of loosing him.   Feeling like I am suddenly not important.  There is NO Reason for me to think these things, why the hell am I?  It is all part of my mental issues.  Obviously, I need to deal with them and work on them, which is why they have come back up.  Luckily, I am the kind of person that says what is on my mind.  So, I ask him and I feel better when he answers me, but I also hate that I am having the thoughts to begin with.  Then, I fear; that he may decide; he doesn’t want to deal with all my issues after all.  What an endless cycle of crap!  He is awesome and inside I KNOW he will always be here for me, so I Must find a way to shut this stuff up…

Ahh, the joys of living with mental illness.  And then there is the chronic pain too.  Who signs up for that, willingly?  While he was here, when I would have the spells of intense pain, he would place his hands there and just hold me.  So amazing!  Now I miss that immensely.  Never in my life have I been with such a caring and loving man!  He is caring and loving to everyone and everything.  I know I deserve him, yet part of me has such fear…  I often feel like I am in a battle between two halves of me.  Like, one part would want to die while the other part wants to live.  One part knows I deserve this beautiful man in my life, the other part says I don’t.  Always a battle… Why can’t I just be happy that I finally have such an amazing man in my life?  … Mental Illness and a past of being crapped on repeatedly by everyone…that’s why!

Frankie must be my reward for living through all the hell and not ending my life!  Right? Funny thing is, both of us had completely given up on ever being with someone and completely given up on life in general.  We were both just surviving, one day at a time, waiting for the end!  I feel like I will die before he ever gets here.  Another thing that is most likely not true.  He has only been gone from visiting me for one week today now.  I wish there was a switch to just shut off that part of my mind, before it drives me mad…

I am attaching a recent pic of Frankie and one of me… Wish we would of taken one together!  FYI: I am 3 months older than him…lol! 


Any possitive comments are welcome.

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