Beautiful Weather, Jacked-Up Pain…

It has been 12 days now since the injections I had in the bursa of my butt cheek areas.  The left side has stayed with increased pain and now I have pain all through the hip and top of the leg!  This is also on the right side, but the left is much worse…

I am tired of feeling like I am being ignored and pushed along at every doctor visit!  They did nothing when I told them my feet were going numb years ago and now both are completely numb, plus I have pain the feels like they are being crushed and when I walk it feels like walked on very sharp glass.  I have to wear shoes always and they have to be tennis shoes that are way bigger than my feet, because I can’t stand anything touching them!  I am slowly getting to the point of having to be back in a wheel chair!  Like is said, every single year it just progresses and gets worse!  What do I have to do?  I see the Pain Doctor, or should I say the damn PA tomorrow!  (I hate that). The pain medication does help take the very hard edge off of the pain, but they never give enough to actually give you a life…  While drug addicts seem to have no problem getting the drugs!  This really pisses me off!  While I lived in IL, I had to go through a ton of meds to find what worked for my Panic, Anxiety and depression.  I moved back to GA and they wouldn’t give me those meds!  Yet, drug addicts get them… WTF! I am so damn tired of it…

Hurricane Mathew came by, I am inland, but we expected very high winds and a lot of rain. We did get a decent amount of rain, but it was mostly a light rain fall for a solid 12 hours and some decent wind gusts, but no where near as bad as we expected.  Which is good, I worried about the dead tree in the back yard coming down.  When your disabled and struggling to make it, you do not have the funds to take care of anything!  

Tell me, how does one eat an entire month on $200, which also has to buy the condements and sugar, flour, etc.?  I am basically living on those $1.00 Party Pizzas, which does a number on my intestinal track!  I can’t even count how many mornings now that I have crappy myself!  IBS, which did not bother me for years, is back in full swing, all because I cannot buy healthy food.  I never eat breakfast or lunch, I eat crackers and fruit cups when the hunger pains get to me or my blood glucose drops too much.  I am Hypoglycemic, but not diabetic.  Hypoglycemia runs in my family.  Sometimes the hypoglycemia causes me a lot of problems and other times I can go months or even years where it does nothing…

Exercise….. Living with constant chronic pain, it is difficult to get any exercise.  This is why I force myself to clean up the kitchen, wipe all the tables down and use the light vacuum through the house every day.  That is the only exercise I get and it is painful, but I do it so my body moves everyday…

…The vacuum I had, a Dyson, was too heavy for me to use and I had NO way to buy another vacuum.  I wrote to three of the top vacuum places and explained my situation to them.  Hoover sent me a very lightweight vacuum that is steerable and super easy to use.  I recommend it for anyone suffering from a chronic pain condition.  Hoover Air Steerable, UH72400!  It has truly been a godsend for me!  It has a button to turn on or off the beater bar.  My house is just under 1400 square feet and the main areas are all hard floors with throw rugs, while the bedrooms are carpeted.  I have several animals, all of which I got before I knew I would be in this position of being alone and no money!  I am allergic to Pet Dander, so vacuuming daily is importent for my health. The Hoover Air Steerable picks up all the hair and even cat food and litter, while it transitions from hard floor to carpet all on its own!  I have always been a person that would NEVER ask for help, but now I am in the position, that the only way I will survive, is through help.  I don’t understand why the state of GA does nothing to help!  I literally have nothing left after paying the mortgage and utilities.  Yet, I can’t get help with the utilities!  How do I buy needed items?  Like toilet paper, DEODERANT, soap, shampoo and conditioner, etc.  I do everything I can to earn Amazon credits through Bing and Crowdtap, but that gets me around $10 a month and you have to have a $49 Oder for free shipping unless your Prime, which I can’t afford!  I wrote Amazon about that and they just gave me one $20credit…WTF!  Where is the help for people who are Disabled and Alone with no help from a spouse or anyone else?  I have tried everywhere and I do NOT have a vehicle!  My son’s girlfriend was getting me to appointments and now her vehicle has been broke down for months!  My insurance will give me 12 rides to appointments a year, which is no where near enough!  What about getting to the store and pharmacy?  I have rotten wood on my house, can’t pay to fix it!  The list is endless…

So there enlies the massive STRESS!  Which is also why I have been having Panic Attacks Daily!  Ugh…  In IL I was on Xanex, it works fast so when an attack started I could take one and in 15 minutes it would help me.  In GA, they refused to give me that and put me on Ativan, which takes an hour to work, so I have to take it three times a day to keep it in my system and I am still having attacks!  Yet, I constantly hear about the damn drug addicts getting Xanex.  I am ANGRY and just plain sick and tired of the crap………….


Any possitive comments are welcome.

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