Tired of being screwed because I am Poor…

I have shopped at Amazon.com for many many years.  Now they have made several items I get only available to Prime Members.  I try to survive on my very small disability income and I do everything I possibly can to obtain gift cards for Amazon in order to get things I need.  They also have increased the minimum purchase for free shipping if you are not Prime to $49!  I would get Prime if I could, but I cannot!  I am so tired of being screwed over because I am poor…

I messaged them in regaurds to this and of course, no one really cares!  They gave my a $20 Promotion Code.  I still can’t buy many things I used to get there cheaper than anywhere now, because I can not afford Prime!  Maybe if enough poor people complained to Amazon they would do something about it.  Every place is just after money and for themselves.  What ever happened to caring people, the ones who would help others?  It seems that the world has long been only about themselves…

I live every moment of my life in Pain, Chronic Pain, that is never gone; but often gets horrid!  When you are poor, you’re not able to obtain help that could benefit you or get supplements that may help you and so on…

I have a mortgage and I get $810 a month!  I can’t even cover all of the utilities, yet where I live, I cannot even get help with them!  I cannot live anywhere else for as low as my mortgage is either.  I am very grateful for my home though!  I just wish I wasn’t constantly screwed over…

I often see posts about how people who get Foodstamps eat so well.  It sure is not the case for me.  Tell me how I am supposed to eat on $150 a month?  I do not have any money to buy an extra food either, so what I get on Foodstamps is it!  I feel best when I eat healthy, yet I can afford to do that…

I no longer have a running vehicle, I am unable to repair it, because I have NO money!  There is rotten wood on my house, but I can’t fix it, because I have nothing left after the mortgage and what I can cover of utilities!  I am at my wits end, as if it isn’t horrid enough to live every single day of my life in pain………….


Any possitive comments are welcome.

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