UPDATE: Tube is out…

I went in at 10:30am and had the tube removed from my back between the right kidney and bladder. They do great with sedation there, I slept through most of the procedures. I had the tube put in on Wednesday after they discovered that my right ureter had a hole in it and was leaking into my abdomen then out my vaginal cuff which also has a hole in it.

They put a stent in from my right kidney to my bladder and that stays for three months. If I heal well, the stent can come out then. No more pain in my back from the tube either. I’m exhausted from the sedation so, I have to take a nap.

I found a handful of other women who had the same thing happen to them during their hysterectomy and some of them lost a kidney. Hopefully, mine was caught early enough and it will heal well!

I can sleep on my right side again! The bed is calling for me since the sedation has me very loopy and exhausted! I get to take a shower tomorrow. This last week I had a sponge bath and “B” washed my hair, so I will be scrubbing my entire body.

My abdomen looks a lot better, but it still has a lot of bruising on the lower part and to the right. Good night all! Keep the prayer coming for a full recovery for me………….

Any possitive comments are welcome.

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