Post Surgery, Radical Hysterectomy with both ovaries and tubes removed…

I had a Radical Hysterectomy on Monday June 30th. I don’t even remember going into the OR, I just remember saying good bye to my mom then waking up in recovery. I was in horrendous pain. They refused to give me the only thing that touched the pain, saying that when they gave it to me my respiration went down to six per minute. Then I was just left there. I was told they were trying to get a room for me, but couldn’t find one. WTH!?! I had this scheduled for a while, how is there no room. I was left for several hours in torturous pain and I was not even given any of my normal medications while I was left there. I made sure everyone was aware of my chronic pain, depression and panic disorder prior to my surgery! Since they did not prevent the pain or my panic, I ended up in a full blown panic attack which wrenched up my abdomen in all kinds of ways. I pulled stitches and still have a set that are bleeding two days later. My stomach swelled up like I am pregnant with the right side much larger than the left.

I was sent home from the hospital the next day even though the said they would not send me home if I was in pain and that I had to pass gas, which I still have not done. To date that was the most torturous thing I have ever went through, just add it to the list.

I am still in way too much pain and I feel very sick. I am sleeping short spells then the pain makes me get up. I came home from the hospital with a prescription for 10 mg more of the medication I am already on. Needless to say, that is not doing much for me. Every time I wake up I pray I will Hurt less. It has been two days now. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I should of made them all write a plan on how they were going to manage my pain before I had the surgery, instead of trusting in them.

I am also having spells of crying. More joy! All of which, cause my belly to hurt even more! I will try to write more tomorrow and I hope this all makes sense, because I feel like I do not make sense.

6 thoughts on “Post Surgery, Radical Hysterectomy with both ovaries and tubes removed…

  1. goalgirl46 says:

    I am so sorry you went and are going through this hell. I just don’t understand the medical community. They don’t treat us fairly and they get mad when we demand respect. I am praying for you and I wish you a healthy and speedie recovery.

  2. Grainne says:

    I was thinking of you. Xxx. I’m sorry that you were left in such pain!! That they discharged you before your bowels were working properly is unheard of! Hopefully things will get better by the day as you heal.

    Remember, even robotic surgery is a huge trauma for your body. There will be a ton of pain but day by day it should recede (at least back to your normally high pain levels). If it doesn’t, Make yourself go to emergency. At least they will make you more comfortable there.

    How did you get discharged so fast? (Hugs). Email me when you’re up to it.

    • I guess they wanted me gone. I am awake for another short spell. It is hard for me to even see straight. I am hoping tomorrow will be better. I still have not passed gas at all. They had told me before my surgery that I would be in for two nights, that I would not go home with my pain not under control and that they flagged my chart so everyone would know that I required more medication. ALL LIES. I don’t remember being taken into the OR, I just remember telling my mom good bye as I was wheeled away, then I woke in recovery. I was wide awake, the clock said 1:30pm and I was in horrible pain. Pure torture. I told them that it was extremely bad and I needed something. They told me that they had given me duladid(which is the only thing that has ever worked on my pain) and they had to stop giving me it because my respirations went down to six per minute. I don’t know if they even gave me anything else, because I was in constant horrible pain from that moment on. Crushing and stabbing pain that felt like two swords were plunged into my shoulders all the way down to my gut. After struggling with the intensity of the pain for quite some time, my panic began to act up. They never gave me my regulars meds while I was there, which would of aided in preventing a panic attack. I told them immediately that I was have a panic attack starting. Thy left me alone in the recovery room for a long time, when she came back she did not have anything to give me and I told her again that the panic was increasing/getting much worse. She said they had not been able to find my a room. How is that possible when it was scheduled weeks in advance? More time passed with me completely alone in there, the panic peaked to a full blown attack. I was screaming for my mother. The nurse kept yelling at me to shut up due to other patients in there! My body wrenched upward and every muscle in my body contracted. My mother finally walked in and grabbed ahold of me while I road out the worst panic attack I have ever had. I could feel all the muscle through my abdomen clenching and I kept thinking how bad that had to be for all the places I was stitched up. The stupid nurse finally came in with Ativan or something and administered it. I was in so much pain I don’t really recall much after that. I heard they found a room, I noticed I was wheeled to an elevator and I noticed I was going down a hall and into my room. I asked the nurse there why I was not given any of my normal meds the entire day and she said something about giving my morphine in my IV, I told her morphine never worked when it was given to me for pain that way. That I had to have my normal meds and something else to catch the pain, but I was not even given my normal meds. I was crying and balled up in so much pain. The nurse walked out, my mom waited a while, then she couldn’t take it anymore, seeing me in so much pain. She went and asked the nurse if there was anything at all they could do since they had promised me my chart was flagged and they would not allow me to be in so much pain. I don’t know what the nurse said to her, but she was angry when she came back to my room and when I asked what they could do she said “NOTHING”. I late heard through the grape vine that the nurse was saying how she was not going to put up with my crap or something like that. I didn’t want to be in that hospital but my insurance made me go there. I had the best doctor but the hospital staff was unorganized and horrible. Shortly after that I was told I was staying on a liquid diet until the next day even though I was not sick and never once have ever been sick from anesthesia and I was hungry. Then that evening my stomach swelled up big like I was very pregnant. Bigger on my right side than the left. I can’t help but wonder what all in wrong inside of me now. No one there seemed to care and I did not see my nurse but a could of time when she walked in and put something in my IV through the entire night. I saw a male nurse more than her and he was just checking vitals. She never spoke to me. The next day three female doctors came in and one was the PA I saw at my pre op visit and I said to her, “Remember how you said you would flag my chart so I would not be left to suffer in pain?” She just nodded at me and bowed her head. They saw my stomach and they said someone would be coming in from pain management to help with my pain? No one ever came to see me. Then later They said I was being discharged that evening, but I had to pass gas first. After a bit female doctors came in to look at my tummy which was huge! I never passed gas! They drew blood and said my hemoglobin was ok so I could go home and then they put a binder on my stomach and I was released.

      I still have not passed any gas. I am still in a ton of pain where it still feels like I have two swords stabbed down into the tops of both my shoulders and they go all the way into my belly. I am still swollen up pretty big and my tummy is a shade of violet now. I had not ate since Saturday evening, but I did eat this evening, a little vegetable lo mein and steamed veggie. I can’t stay awake too long and have weird spells of sleep. My vision is messed up. I hope I am making sense in this message. I have had a few out of the blue spells of crying today as well. I am very angry at how I was treated and wonder how I will recover from all of this crap. I wonder what is wrong inside of me now. Surely, wrenching up like that in a panic attack could not of been good. I am constantly thirsty so I have been drinking a lot and I pee ok. I am praying when I wake tomorrow it will be better!

      • Grainne says:

        That sounds like a horrific experience. This won’t help right now but I think you should call in to patient relations (or some such dept) and register a complaint. They should have not left you to suffer like that. Pain patients often get dismissed unfairly, I know from my own life, but to be ignored and then discharge without pain consultation? That’s just cruel.

        I’m glad you’re drinking lots if water. Keep that up. It will help with the constipation from the anesthetic and will Help your poor body heal.

        Every day it should get a little better. Hang in for that, my friend. Xx

  3. My neck is giving me a headache says:

    I’m glad you are alive. Please write when you find out more and feel better. Hugs.

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