I am still waiting for them to call with my surgery date. I am going to call them this afternoon if they have not called me yet. I just want to have it scheduled so I can plan appropriately. I need to make sure I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables the week prior to surgery and fiber so I do not have to strain to use the bathroom, because I do believe that will be painful.

My little kitten is full of it. He has spastic attacks throughout the day. He is a bit crazy I think. I made him some toys with feathers on them and he takes the feather in his mouth then he growls and spits. When he gets tired he is very sweet and loving. I usually name my animals after Greek mythology and I named him Prometheus.

We have been having pop up thunderstorms each day in the evening. That is normal for here. The humidity has been super high and usually is throughout the entire summer. It is instant sweat here as soon as you walk out the door. We did get the pool up and running, now it just needs to warm up enough for me to get into it. That is the one place I can walk and stretch without adding more pain to my plate. I need to get in it before my surgery, since it won’t be able to get into it for at least a month after the surgery, if not longer. I want a smooth surgery and recovery so I am researching all I need to do in order to make sure all goes well for me. I will go into immediate menopause since everything is coming out. I am going to request to be started on estrogen immediately and I do hope my insurance will cover it. I researched it and it seems the progesterone is the one that tends to cause breast cancer, so I am avoiding that all together. I have a large family history of breast cancer after hormone replacement therapy. My doctor wants to just do the estrogen and I agree with that. I want to prevent having hot flashes and night sweats if at all possible. I cleaned the window A/C unit yesterday, so it could be put in my bedroom window just in case it need extra cooling in my room.

Things have calmed down some here. Not a bunch of fighting going on and that is a huge plus for me. I pulled out my inversion table the other day and did a slight incline on it to see if it would help with my pain at all. I felt stretched out after but I still have the pain. I am going to try to use it daily for a bit and see if it helps at all. Before all this pain, I would have back problems and the inversion table helped a great deal with that. I have shrunk 2″ in the last couple of years. My spine is compressing, so the table will help with that and it gets oxygen into the spine. I do deep breathing while I lay on it. I do not go completely upside down because that may cause me more pain. I used to be able to do that before all of the problems I have now and it was nice. I don’t have much room, so I have it folded up and crammed in my closet, then I drag it out and set it up. You cannot walk around it while it is up, just not enough room here.

It has been taking me three hours now, every morning, after I wake up to get moving enough to come out of my room. I have been feeling hungry all the time and I have gained around 8 pounds over this month. That happens when you lay around and are bored. Last year when I lost over 50 pounds without trying, I was never hungry and often forget to eat at all. I eat more the more I have to lay around due to the pain. Keeping the mind busy is very important. I get bored and irritable. It is hard to find things I can do that do not cause me even more pain. Yesterday I found some relief after resting and taking my muscle relaxer with my anxiety medication. I then was able to sit in a chair and clean the window A/C unit. I will see if that helps again today. I have a lot to actually do, but most of it causes me more pain. I need to dust my bedroom. I am allergic to dust, mold and mildew. I can dust half the room from a sitting position. It is the other half that causes me problems. The half you need to dust first. Going with gravity by starting at the ceiling and working your way down to the floor. I want to get the entire house cleaned before my surgery, but it doesn’t look like I will be able to get that done. I still need to make a list for everyone here of the things they need to make sure are done daily while I am recovering.

So, my plan is to go sit in a chair out back and try to scrub the pool ladder. It’s pretty hot and humid out there so I am not sure how far I will get. I am praying they call me today with my surgery date………….

This is my precious cat Athena with the kitten Prometheus…


2 thoughts on “Waiting…

  1. Grainne says:

    Hey xx. Did you get your surgery date yesterday?

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