Day 22, My Final Day Away…

I arrive here at my parents retirement home in Florida on February 7th and today is my final day here, away from all the stress, negativity and drama at my house. Although, my two adult children have messaged me and called me to offer up all kinds of chaos during my stay here. It has been so nice to be in a home filled of peace. No screaming or cussing at all! For the most part, I have been able to feel much better here than I ever did in my own home. However, I am ready to go home now. I found myself becoming bored over the last week and realized it was definitely time to get back home and to put into action my plans to create a positive and loving environment in my own home.

I do believe this trip was very much needed. I have discovered many things about myself and I have worked through countless obstacles in my mind. My time away has also strengthened my love bond and renewed it to the way it was back in the beginning. So, on that note, I do feel it is vitally important for couples to experience time apart every few years. When I arrived here I did not feel loved, desired or even that I mattered in my own home. Three weeks later, I have received beautiful words of love and desire, which have made me excited to return home. I now feel the excitement of a new love all over again. This is something we loose over time once we live with our significant other for a while. Everyone becomes comfortable and lazy. That spark we feel in a new relationship dwindles away. The time apart will either make you both see how much you do love each other and that you don’t want to spend any more time apart or you will see that there is no longer love between the two of you. I am very grateful that there is still a very strong bond of love in mine.

All relationships take work. If one or both partners do not put forth the effort in the relationship, there will no longer be a relationship. Everyone, whether they are male or female, wants to feel loved, desired and that they matter. I see so many couples marry and then divorce so quickly. As if the vows of marriage were never once taken seriously. I, for one, want this marriage to be my final one and only for it to end when I am no longer living on this earthly plan. This is the second time in 7-8 years that I have fought very hard for my marriage. I am so very glad I put the effort into it both times now.

When you feel like your partner loves, desires and deeply cares for you, you feel more confident and happier. We cannot control anyone but ourselves, so the way to go about receiving these things is to offer them up to your partner from your own heart. Give them what you hope to receive. When your partner feels the love, desire and compassion coming from you, they feel happier and it blossoms their love for you.

One of the biggest hurtles to over come in a relationship is arguing. We all want to get our points across and we want to really be heard. This causes many arguments. The key here is to really listen to your partner without judgement or reaction. Even when you feel like you are being attacked by their words. You may find yourself feeling the very same way they do. So, how do you over come the arguments? After you stop and really listen to them, allow yourself a few deep breaths and look at what they are saying as if it is not about you at all. They are expressing their feelings and how they feel is very real to them. Remember, we can only change ourselves. When you love someone you want them to be happy. You want them to feel like they really matter and you want to boost their ego so they feel confident. So, really listen to them, without arguing, and always remind them how much they mean to you. All relationships have arguments, the one thing you can control is how you respond and act during an argument.

Doesn’t it feel wonderful when your significant other brings you flowers or little gifts to express their love? This is also key in keeping a relationship strong and healthy. When you receive a gift or token of love out of the blue on no special day, it feels great and your love blossoms. This is also something that we tend to stop doing after we are together for some time. You have to nurture your relationship and this is key in keeping it fresh and young. These gifts do not have to cost a penny. They can be massages or things we make ourselves.

Another way to express your love is by the words that you speak. Isn’t it wonderful to hear your love profess their deepest desires of you? Even simple words can have a profound effect. For instance, my partner used to sing, “Good Morning Beautiful” to me in the mornings when we were first together. He stopped doing that some time ago, but when he told me how his uncle had that song as a ring tone and every time his phone rang he thought of me, that warmed my heart and brought a smile to my face. Something so simple to say and yet so profoundly important to our relationship.

Being spontaneous! Randomly grabbing your love and kissing them passionately. Anything that reminds them that you do still desire them a great deal. Holding hands! Sending private sexual messages to each other when you are apart, this keeps desire alive! All the things we did in the beginning of the relationship.

No matter what is going on in your life, make time for your partner. At the very least, once a week needs to be specifically set aside for just you and your love. You do not have to go out and spend money you do not have. You just need to be focused on your love and only your love for this time. No outside distractions like your cell phone, other people or children. Even if it is only one hour a week, make it happen!

If you stop watering a plant, it dies. Just like when you stop nurturing your love, it too will die. It doesn’t take much at all to keep love alive. Just a small amount of effort can and will go a long way………….


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