Day 9, A Positive Life…

Everything we do from the moment we wake up, is a choice. We choose when we get out of bed, what we wear and if we drink coffee that day. Each and everything in life is a choice. Some days are difficult and require greater work on choosing what is positive. Even when you are surrounded by positive people, our ego mind likes to bring up negative thoughts. We have a choice to believe those thoughts or not. Be kind to yourself and remember that it is ok to have a bad day. No one feels great all of the time. Recognize the signs of stress in your body and know that you have a choice to relax yourself before the stress takes over. Each of us control only ourselves. We have our own choices and we can not choose for someone else. This is our own life and the choices are our own to make.

BELIEVE THAT HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE/STATE OF MIND: Everything in life is a choice. We can choose to be happy and find the good in things, regardless of what is happening. We can teach ourselves to see happiness. Looking for the happiness is a great place to start.

REMOVE NEGATIVITY FROM YOUR LIFE: Negative attracts negative just like positive attracts positive. Look into yourself and find the behaviors that are good for you and the ones that are not good for you. Focus on the positive things while letting go of the negative ones. Choose to be surrounded by positive people and offer up your positive thoughts to help others find the positive in themselves. When a negative thought arises, choose to replace it with a positive one.

LOOK FOR THE POSITIVE: There is a positive aspect in everything and in everyone. Sometimes we have to dig deep to find it, but it is there. We can ask ourselves, “What is good about this.” Everything is a learning experience, wether it is good or bad or positive or negative. Sometimes we have to look very hard and dig deep to find the positive, but it is always there.

REINFORCE THE POSITIVE IN YOURSELF: Practice being positive. Saying out loud Affirmations every day. Be completely honest with yourself, but focus on the positive things. Do not focus on the negatives. Fake it until you make it by repeating your positive affirmations every single day.

SHARING HAPPINESS WITH OTHERS: Be kind to all living things. Be nice to others, even when they are not being nice to you. Be encouraging and supportive of others. If we do not have something nice to say, we won’t say anything at all. When we feel the tension arise in ourselves, we have the power and choice to walk away from the situation and take the time to bring ourselves back to a positive and relaxed place. Taking three deep and slow breaths helps us return to a more peaceful place.

“Some people think it’s holding on that makes one strong; sometimes it’s letting go.”

– Sylvia Robinson


Any possitive comments are welcome.

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