Almost everything I eat makes me nauseated…

So lately, no matter what I eat, I get very nauseated after I eat and often times I also get a headache. No clue why. I have already dropped a lot of weight. I do like the fact I am a much smaller size, but I have absolutely no clothes that fit me. I cannot go shopping for clothes either. I can try to save up some money and go to the good will and it will have to be a day I am functioning, which I have not had lately. I sure do miss having money and being able to get clothes or have healthy food available all the time. I can only eat fruit and vegetables without getting sick anymore. Money may not buy happiness, but it sure can make life a lot easier!

I tried to occupy my mind by coloring today. It helped for a little while, but the nausea is so bad I just don’t want to move. My pain levels are still very high too. I do not know what to do anymore. I can remember walking and dieting trying to loose weight and I was lucky to loose 15 pounds. I cannot exercise at all and am stuck eating what ever I can find, yet I dropped 60 pounds. I really feel like I am dying and no one cares. There must be something very wrong, right? The pain and the weight loss! I know, quit whining about it and enjoy the fact your down in weight like you have wanted for so long! I want to be a little kid again and for my mommy to take me clothes shopping and to hold me when I don’t feel good. Unfortunately that would be 24/7! My mother is 71 years old and active and very healthy. I miss my mommy…….


One thought on “Almost everything I eat makes me nauseated…

  1. sundaisy4u says:

    Hi there! I used to be the same way, very nauseous after everything I ate for years. It caused me to lose weight also. I had lots of gastrointestinal issues, fatigue, mental fog, headaches, etc. I became anxious and depressed and stopped working because I was just too sick. So I learned all I could about the digestive tract , and went to school to become a health coach! It’s been an amazing journey. Check out my “Happy Health Coach” blog at or my website at I specialize in digestive an immune issues as well as anxiety and depression. I hope you are feeling better soon! -Autumn

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