Out of the Depression Sump!

I feel good today! Yes, I think I have come out of the slump into depression! It helps that I finally reached my first weight loss goal as well. I do not loose weight unless I basically don’t really eat. Most days I have cereal and a salad. Now if I could stop drinking coca cola, I am down to two cans a day though!

My next weight loss goal should be reach in December! I cannot tell you how long it has been since I could see my own, ” hoo haa “, just by looking down! It is a wonderful feeling to look in the mirror and see a much more flattened stomach. I fit in the clothes I wore back in 2006, when I had lost a bunch of weight. Too bad I didn’t keep more of those clothes though. I just didn’t think I would ever be able to wear them again. I found clearance dresses and some at good will, I just need to take them up, since they all are so darn long. I feel way too hot with a dress down to my ankles! I will definitely need pants for winter time though. I always wore sweat pants since I could fluctuate in weight and still be comfortable. Now everything falls off me. That is such a good feeling.

All I need to do I make myself drink water all day! I have a great Brita water bottle, I just need to push myself to be drinking it instead of grabbing a soda or a green tea with citrus. I do love Lipton green tea with citrus though. I cannot drink or eat anything with fake sugar in it. It took years to figure it out, but I found I get sick and have horrible headaches from all the fake sugars. Real sugar doesn’t hurt me at all so I just stick with that! I have had one day a week where I eat over my allotted 1450 calories a day. But it hasn’t stopped the weight loss so I figure my body must need it.

So today I am going forward with a smile on my face and I will accomplish some of the much needed household chores today! I know I have to take it slow and easy with lots of breaks, but as long as I do that, I can make it through without horrible pain landed me back in bed!