Ascension to the 5th Plane is where I want to be!

You may or may not believe that the earth is ascending to the 5th dimension. You may or may not have heard about this. I for one believe! I want nothing more than peace and love to fill me up and set me free. Where everyone is loving and caring. Trustworthy people all around. Like going back to the old days when you could leave your car unlocked and not worry about being outside after dark. I don’t know where all the negative, disrespectful and down right nasty people have come from. Everyone deserves the right to be comfortable in their own home. To not have to listen to thumping music that rattles the windows while you are watching TV. Or to hear yelling and cussing at 2am. What happened to common curtsy? The 5th dimension will be just that, LOVE and PEACE. I may sound like a person from the 60’s or 70’s, but I really love the thought of moving to that dimension and being carefree and swimming in the positive energy there.

(The physical body represents the 3rd dimension, the emotional body-the 4th dimension, the mental body-the 5th dimension and the spiritual body-the 6th dimension and beyond. The mental body is connected to the physical body and the emotional body to the spiritual body. In making the shift from 3D to 5D and beyond we must go through 4D and the only way in doing so is through the emotional body and the highest emotional expression being–love. In other words we cannot intellectualize ourselves into enlightenment and ascension, we must–feel our way.

The path of ascension is accepting everything just as it is and using spiritual discernment in making choices that raise the vibrational frequency of our atomic cell structure. We all have a responsibility in raising our personal vibration in every moment. The ascension path is both personal and collective ascension, it is about making choices that benefit us all. – See more at: