Seventh injection procedure

Wednesday I had my seventh injection procedure. This one was with four injections at one time. Two on left and two on right at L4 & L5. I felt the entire process. The sedation did not take. Dealing with the entire feeling of one injection is almost impossible, but by the fourth one I was in so much pain, I swore I would never have another injection again. I’m tired of being used as a lab animal only to become worse off than I was to begin with! I was already to the point of having to go anywhere in a wheelchair due to not being able to stand or walk more than a few feet. Now I am in pain no matter how I am. Sitting or laying down too. Once again I called crying for help Wednesday night and waited all day Thursday for a response, which never arrived. I always seem to be brushed under the rug. I left two more messages last night. I received one call this morning telling me if I don’t feel better by Tuesday to call back. WTF? How is it ok for me to be allowed to suffer so much? Should these people have a day they feel my pain and see how they react to it? Then I get a call from another lady at my doctors office saying the doctor said to come right in and he will check me out! Guess what, I have no way of getting there! I can’t drive and no one is home to take me. They close at noon today, my son assumed they wouldn’t not be seeing me when they had called and said, “if your not better by Tuesday call us back” so he left. When I came out to see if he was still here after the 2nd call, he was not. The lady then said I needed to call an ambulance to get to the office, really! Where were you people yesterday when I had people home. She said they never got my other messages, just one! How convenient!

See two years ago I was beaten in my front yard by a gang of over a dozen males going are my jerk of a neighbor. I was outside! After that happened I have Never had a day I am Not in pain. My neck is constantly in pain, my lower back, tailbone, hips, left leg and butt cheek, plus left knee and foot are in constant pain! I was referred to a horrible pain management doctor (Dr. Epter) that did one Epidural Injection in my Lumbar spine and it was pure torture. For some reason he did not like me and I was the only person that did not receive any type of relaxation medication. I was in horrible pain for a week and had to go to the ER just to sleep! I returned to his office a week later just for him to be little me and be horrible to me, with no help what so ever! I had my Primary Doctor send me to someone else. I went to Augusta Back after that. Saw a very nice neurologist named Dr. Oetting. he reviewed my MRI and said the large bulged disc at L5 and S1 was most likely the cause of all the pain except the neck. The neck is Degenerative Disc Disease and Arthritis made worse by the attack! Which was why now I had all that pain. So he sent me to his pain management doctor who is a great guy named Dr. stewart. He said if after a year I am not doing better to come see him again. That was 14 months ago! So I made an appointment to see him again since I am way worse off! By it is not until December!

Finally, another call from the doctors office, Heather, just came in! She said Dr. stewart said he can leave me a prescription to be picked up by 3pm today for a stronger medication for one week to get me through, but I had to come in early Monday morning to see him! So hopefully someone will go pick up the medication for me before 3 today so I can get through the weekend and then someone will drive me early Monday to my appointment. So tired of this run around and bullshit and going to the doctor all these times and getting no where! I am standing my ground now! NO more Injections! I want the damn spinal cord stimulator and be done with all this shit. I keep needing stronger and stronger medication to cover my pain! Not good! There will be a point where there will be no more medication to cover my pain, then what?

I am working daily on my chakras! I had another vision and I need to spend one week on each chakra starting at the Root chakra. I started this yesterday. Just need to remember to lose the chakras when done or you end up feeling like your whole body is vibrating really fast and you feel sick! I want nothing more than to be free from this pain! I am willing to try anything possible and put the work and effort into my ascension!