The pain continues

What can I say! I’m still in pain. The injection has cushioned my tailbone tip but I still feel crushing pain when I walk or stand. I do know it can take a week to fully work and this is just day two!

Depression….. Drifts in when you are in so much pain. Thoughts of how your tired of pushing through each and every day. Hoping for that to be the day you can walk and function at least enough to do some main chores that no one else seems to get needs to be done. And forget having the ones that say they love you actually really be there and not create more stress for you! Stress always increases the pain!!!

Lets see its been three years now if this pain. Some decent days after the first few months. Did pretty well actually until my son and I were beaten in the front yard by a gang after the neighbor. Since then I have been in pain Every Single Day! That was November 2010. And six epidural steroid injections in the last year when I read you should not have more than three a year! Lumbar was twice, thoracic once, cervical once and tailbone twice. Tailbone is the most painful by the way. Be sure if your having it done (because when you hurt this much you will try anything) that you have it in a hospital where they can give you some sedation. Because without sedation it is the most torturing thing you will ever experience!